PCB Layout

Design capability

Familiar with general PCB standards and manufacturing process.    

Single layer to 40 layers PCB design experience & capability.

Cooperate with own design team to complete a full product cycle

Cooperate with DFM team to implement layout design with DFM considerations and check rules.

Layout Service


Design optimize

Schematic and PCB software format Altium, PADS…support

Schematic design support

Mechanical design support

Firmware development support

Design Process

Design Input: Schematic design file, Mechanical drawing, component datasheet, design requirement…

Placement and Layout internal review: Internal layout review according to design input like design requirement, design instruction, related checklist and specification;

Customer Review: Provide placement, layout file, .dxf file to customer, footprint, rationalization, layer stack, mechanical and related routing parameters …;

Design files output: PCB source files, fabrication files, dxf files delivery;

EQ confirm: Check and confirm EQ from PCB supplier and engineering department.

Our Advantage

10 years+ layout experience

Rich design experience and design type support: e.g. High speed, High frequency, Radio Frequency, high power, Digital Analog, HDI, FPC…

Full function design team cooperate

Good understanding of design process

PCB supplier chain support

Manufacture and Engineer support