What is DFM ?

  • ● It refers to a cost-effective way to fully consider the existing process in designing DFM, thereby optimizing the design and reducing the product cost when the product is reached
  • ● DFM is to answer "whether this design can be manufactured efficiently and profitably" It emphasizes that it is the main factor that products have a significant impact on time and cost
  • ● DFM must be regarded as a kind of operational logic thinking throughout the entire new product (NPI) process chain

R & D design advantages

  • ● Potential problems discovered early in the design
  • ● Reduce unnecessary design changes
  • ● Reduce the number of proofs
  • ● Shorten the development cycle
  • ● Put into mass production as soon as possible

Manufacturing advantages

  • ● Reduce product defect rate
  • ● Improve production yield
  • ● Improve product quality
  • ● Reduce the risk of product returns and recalls
  • ● Save labor and material costs
DFM's plan


  • ● Optimized design rules
  • ● Optimized component type selection
  • ● Optimized manufacturing process


  • ● DFF (Light Board)
  • ● DFM (Electronic Assembly)
  • ● DFA (Assembly)


  • ● Optimize design rules
  • ● Provide product quality
  • ● Product defect analysis

Mass production

  • ● Reduce costs
  • ● Continuous improvement
DFM import timing
  • 1


    Projects conception design stage

  • 2


    Request For Quotation

  • 3


    For prototype orders

  • 4


    For initial production units manufactured with production tooling for validation

  • 5


    Mass production

DFM Analysis service

Data acceptance and confirmation

  • Check the completeness of the received data
  • Check whether CAD and BOM data can be imported and converted by Valor software

DFM analysis and output report

  • 2days : Small board (< 50 types of components)
  • 3days : Medium-sized board (< 100 types of components)
  • 4days : Large board (< 200 types of components)
  • 5days : Oversized board (> 200 types of components)

DFM issue tracking

  • review of changed data according to DFM recommendations
DFM analysis process
Data preparation & CAD import
PCB attribute definition
BOM file import
Process attribute setting
PCB & VPL matching
VPL creation and import
Run DFM check
DFM analysis Generate DFM report
  • BOM Match
  • Fiducial Analysis
  • Component Analysis
  • Padstack Analysis
  • Testpiont Analysis
  • Solderpaste Analysis
  • Pin to PAD Analysis
  • Panel Analysis
DFM analysis data preparation
ECAD data

ODB ++ "file" (.tgz) other types of ECAD files

Required (recommended)

Provide ECAD file for complete DFM analysis

ECAD data

Gerber (R274-X or R274-D) & drilling file (.drl) & Pick Place file (CPL) coordinate file

Required (accepted)

Gerber base layer: Silkscreen solderpast soldermask outer layers inner layers


BOM with AVL


At least include: tag number usage description device supplier supplier part number


Fabrication Drawing

Optional (accepted)

PCB manufacturing drawings


Assembly Drawing

Optional (accepted)

PCBA assembly drawings


Special Components Drawing

Optional (accepted)

Customized parts or drawings cannot be downloaded online