PCB specification selection

HDI blind buried boards and impedance boards are fully open for orders, and provide high-quality high Tg board options,

*Deliver by PCS or by Set:

Suggest to deliver by set if, 1.The PCS size is less than 10x10cm 2. PCB shape:circular or irregular Note,Whether manual welding or machine mounting or small mass batch ,we suggest to deliver by set, because it can improve the welding efficiency and reduce cost. The specific set design can be determined according to SMT processing requirements. You can also contact us, we will give the most reasonable advice.

*PCB size:

The size of the board refers to the length and width of the customer's single board. If it is a round board, the length and width are the diameter of the circle; if it is a circuit board with an irregular shape,                              The length and width dimensions are measured according to the largest shape range;                              Note: A variety of circuit boards are packed in a compressed package. If you do n’t know the size of the board after assembly, you can fill in the size of the length and width.                              The size of the board has a tolerance range,                              The normal tolerance of the shape is about ± 0.2mm; if there are other requirements for the shape tolerance, please note in other requirements, if there is no remark, it is deemed to agree with the publicly announced tolerance size.                              The shape must be designed on the same layer, namely the keep out layer or the mechanical layer. Do not design on the two layers separately, otherwise it is easy to make mistakes. If you are unclear, please ask the staff for consultation.

× cm
If you do not know the size, you can fill in 1*1

* pcs quantity:

The area is within one square meter and the quantity is within 50pcs as sample. If the quantity is beyond this scope, it is as a small batch.


*layer count:

Offer board layer selection: 1 for single side board , 2 for double side board ,4 for 4 layer board, 6 for 6 layer board. Note,With the layer counts increasing, the cost will increase accordingly.

Number of files:

If there are different boards in the same set, the fee will be charged, if it is only the same PCB, no fee will be charged. If you are not clear,please contact us.

laminate type:

default(Brand&Type,KB A)

FR-4 Aluminum base PCB Rogers Copper base PCB Rigid-Flex PCB


TG130 TG150 TG170
Glass transition temperature of FR-4: tg130, welding resistance value: 288 ° C

board thickness:

default laminate Brand&Type,KB A (tolerance 10%) Note,Normal board thickness(0.6-1.6mm).If the board thickness is not in this range,the cost will increase.

0.2 0.4 0.6 0.8 1.0 1.2 1.6 2.0 2.4

minimum track width/gap:


minimum via hole size:


*soldermask color:

The color fee for special colors will be charged, such as matte green matte black and yellow soldermask black legend or green soldermask black legend

greenredyellowbluewhiteblackpurpleMatte greenMatte blackWhite Oil(WT03)White Oil(B2-R603)White Oil(B2-R802)White Oil(LE600 XZ)no

Legend color:

We only offer white, if the soldermask ink is white, the legend will be black

white black yellow No


finishing(default:HAL PB) The cost for other finishing will increase.

HAL PB HAL LF ENIG OSP Bare copper(No finishing) Hard gold HAL LF+ ENIG HAL LF+ gold plating ENIG+OSP ENEPIG

*Soldermask Vias:

This is often controversial and it is mainly explained that there are three kinds of products :(1) SM cover vias &SM plug vias (2) SM open vias (3)Follow gerber. If you are not clear,please contact us.

SM cover vias SM plug vias SM open vias
Follow Gerber

E-Test type:

copper thickness :

Default 1OZ(35um). The copper thickness of 2OZ(70um)can be selected as well .Please note that the cost of 2OZ copper must be more expensive than that of 1 OZ .

1/1oz 2/2oz 3/3oz 4/4oz 5/5oz 10/10oz
other special requirements
(gold finger;half hole; customer specify stack up;metallized edge )
Special process selection
(gold finger;half hole; customer specify stack up;metallized edge ) blind/buried hole, impedance control and other special requirements shall be quoted by manual.
  • Half inside pcs and half outside pcs

  • Metallized edge

  • For the multilayer board, customers can specify the thickness of each dielectric layer .If not specified, we are in accordance with the conventional stack up to produce.

other request: